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Company Profile

The Rambaldi Group is a  holding composed of 3 European companies which work in collaboration to develop Babyplast products and applications in the field of micro injection moulding. The head office Rambaldi+Co it srl (Italy) is responsible for the world distribution; Cronoplast SL (Spain) is responsible for the design, development and manufacturing; and CKT Gmbh (Germany) distributes Babyplast in the German market. Each company in the group, contributes, to the creation, research and development of Babyplast products which are used for the MICRO-INJECTION of engineering-polymers. 

The results, on an international level, show that our Babyplast injection moulding machine, is now the world leader in its field. This is demonstrated by its outstanding performance in the following areas:

-Economic production of both small and large batches;

-Continuous production of components using engineering-polymers;

-Prototype development;

-Laboratory testing;

-Technical training;

The Rambaldi Group have used its knowledge to cover a whole range of complementary services (product development, mould construction, first samples and initial production batches etc..)in order to offer customers a complete turn key solution.

There are three significant differences which put Babyplast above other manufacturers of micro-injection machines:

-We are the pioneers in the creation of bench top injection moulding machines  (we presented this technology during the exhibition K´92 in Düsseldorf).

-We offer an integrated service, based on a team of technicians with many years of experience in mould construction and development, not to mention the injection of engineering-polymers.  

-We have gained a vast experience in micro-moulding with more than 20.000 moulds constructed for our machines, all over the world, to process plastic materials that range from PP-PA-ABS to PC-PBT-POM-PPS-PEEK, from filled materials to thermoplastic-rubbers, from ceramics.

The result of this experience in research and development  by Rambaldi group is the new range of  Babyplast machines, with modular injection units: 

Babyplast 6/10P: Horizontal;

Babyplast 6/10PV: vertical;

UAI I/10P - 25P: autonomous injection unit  for two shot moulding.


which are able to process practically any materials.